Mapping Ancient Africa: Participants

The kick-off meeting of the Mapping Ancient Africa project was attended by 44 scientists around the world online and at regional hubs.

Original team

The application to INQUA for the funding to conduct the Mapping Ancient Africa project was supported by 23 scientists from around the world who provid expertise in a wide range of areas (listed below). However, this is not an exclusive list and we hope that during the project we will be joined by many additional researchers who are interested to contribute. So if you are interested to contribute to the project please get in touch.

Adamu, Aliyu Ahmadu Bello UniversityZaria-NigeriaExpert in archaeology
Asrat, Asfawossen Addis Ababa UniversityEthiopiaExpert in geology and palaeoclimates
Bushozi, PastoryUniversity of Dar es SalaamTanzaniaExpert in archaeology
Chase, BrianCentre National de la Recherche ScientifiqueFranceExpert in palaeoclimates
Chevalier, ManuelUniversity of BonnGermanyExpert in palaeoclimates and statistics
Edwards, NeilThe Open UniversityUKExpert in past climate simulation
Faith, TylerNatural History Museum of UtahUSAExpert in archaeology and anthropology
Finch, JemmaUniversity of Kwazulu-NatalSouth AfricaExpert in palaeoecology
Gosling, WilliamUniversity of Amsterdam NetherlandsProject leader. Expert in palaeoecology.
Holden, PhilipThe Open UniversityUKExpert in past climate simulation
Pargeter, JustinNew York UniversityUSAExpert in archaeology and anthropology
du Plessis, NadiaUniversity of Cape TownSouth AfricaExpert in palaeoecology
Stewart, BrianUniversity of MichiganUSAExpert in archaeology and anthropology
Ivory, SarahPenn State UniversityUSACoordinator American hub. Expert in palaeoecology
Kaboth-Bahr, StefanieUniversity of PostdamGermanyProject leader. 
Coordinator European hub. Expert in palaeoclimate
Kinyanjui, RahabNational Museum of KenyaKenyaCoordinator eastern African hub. Expert palaeovegetation
Lejju, JuliusMbarara University of ScienceUgandaExpert in palaeoecology
Muiruri, VeronicaNational Museums of KenyaKenyaExpert in palaeoecology
Ndiema, EmmanuelNational Museums of KenyaKenyaExpert in archaeology 
Quick, LynneNelson Mandela UniversitySouth AfricaCoordinator southern African hub.  Expert in palaeoecology
Raia, PasqualeUniversity of Naples Federico IIItalyExpert in palaontology and palaeoecology.
Russell, JamesBrown UniversityUSAExpert in palaeoclimate
Scerri, EleanorMax-Planck-Institute for Science of Human HistoryGermanyExpert in archaeological science
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