Who we are

The “Ecology of the past” group is made up of scientists, at various career stages, who are actively working together on research projects investigating how our planet changes through time. If you are interested in our work, would like to come and visit or join us, or feel that you could contribute to this blog please do get in touch using the contact details below.

WDG-thumbWilliam Gosling (Associate Professor)
University of Amsterdam, ResearchGate
Head of Palaeoecology & Landscape Ecology

Contributors (alphabetical, for academic year 2014-2015)

EdeBoerErik de Boer (Post-doctoral researcher)
Utrecht University, ResearchGate

TDriessenTessa Driessen (MSc researcher)
Utrecht University

SFlantuaSuzette Flantua (PhD researcher)
University of Amsterdam, ResearchGate

PJ-thumbPhil Jardine (NERC Post-Doctoral Research Assistant)
The Open UniversityAcademia.edu

Adele-thumbAdele Julier (PhD researcher)
The Open University, “Plants in real life” blog

Hayley-thumbHayley Keen (PhD researcher)
The Open University, ResearchGate

Alice-thumbAlice Kennedy (PhD researcher)
The Open University

Nick-thumbNick Loughlin (PhD researcher)
The Open University, Research Gate

Frazer-thumbFrazer Matthews-Bird (PhD researcher)
The Open University

Lottie-thumbCharlotte Miller (Research Fellow)
University of Oslo, ResearchGate

em-thumbEncarni Montoya (NERC Fellow)
The Open UniversityResearchGate

Bryan-thumbBryan Valencia (PhD researcher)
Florida Institute of Technology, ResearchGate

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