Mapping Ancient Africa: Schedule of events

Rome 2023

There will be two Mapping Ancient Africa (MAA) events in Rome in July: (i) a MAA workshop, and (ii) a MAA session at the INQUA Rome congress in 2023.

The MAA workshop will be held at the “Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome” on the 12 and 13 July. During the event we will cover the development of manuscripts for the proposed Quaternary International special issue, and planning for the future of the MAA network (future meetings and potential grant applications). This meeting is open to all, is funded by our INQUA grant (so no cost to participate), but does requires registration. If you are interested to participate click here to find out how.

The INQUA Rome session is entitled “Mapping Ancient Africa: Climate, Vegetation & Humans” this session is supported by the Palaeoclimate (PALCOM) and Human and Biosphere (HABCOM) commissions of INQUA. The session is being organised by the MAA team. For further details on the session click here. We have 16 talks and >20 poster presentations invited. We aim to propose a special issue of Quaternary International based around (but not limited to) the papers that will be presented during the session.

Check out the INQUA Rome web pages (click here) for fully details, but key dates are:

Upcoming seminars

A series of online seminars associated with the Mapping Ancient Africa project commenced in 2021. The purpose of these seminars is to promote and stimulate discussion among participants, talks will be delivered via Zoom and are open to all. To obtain the Zoom link please contact one of the organisers. Talks are recorded and can be accessed via the Ecology of the Past YouTube channel.

Talks are typically around 20 minutes followed by a discussion.

  • More talks coming soon…

Click here for link to list of past events and all online content

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