Mapping Ancient Africa: Schedule of events

Upcoming seminars

A series of online seminars associated with the Mapping Ancient Africa project will commence in 2021. The purpose of these seminars is to promote and stimulate discussion among participants, talks will be delivered via Zoom and are open to all. To obtain the Zoom link please contact one of the organisers.

Talks will be around 30 minutes followed by a discussion.


Seminars 2022

Mapping Ancient Africa – seminar 1 – Martin Trauth (06/12/2021)

Seminars 2021

Kick-off meeting (October 2021)

The kick-off meeting of the Mapping Ancient Africa project took place on the 14 and 15 October 2021.

This followed a hybrid (part face-to-face, part online) format, with part of the interaction taking place at each of the hubs and part online.

Pre-meeting information can be found at:

In case you missed the kick off meeting, catch up with these videos of the cross-hub sessions:

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