Ghana 2014 – Day 11

October 27, 2014


Today is a day back at base preparing for the week ahead. The countdown to the end of this years fieldwork has begun with just the rainforest plots at Ankasa remaining. Ankasa will be a three day stint away from FORIG, thus will require us to fully pack up and leave FORIG, returning on Wednesday evening. Preparation work entails the labelling and sorting of new pollen traps (image below), the cleaning up of used pollen traps that are going to be deposited with workers at FORIG for re-use, and general planning of finer itinerary points.


Lottie is busy polishing her presentations for next Thursday (image below), and I am busy, well, writing this!


Adele has been assisting Lottie by dissecting flowers too.

Hopefully will have internet connection over the next couple of days to continue updating this blog, if not, I will post on Day 14.

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