Ghana 2014 – Day 13 (28/10)

October 31, 2014


Ghana 2014 – Day 13 (28/10)

Cascades of vivid green ferns flowing down steep-sided banks on both sides (image below), branchless tree trunks extending upwards through a dense canopy to a point beyond sight – this can mean only one thing, we are in a tropical rainforest.


The morning started in a typical fashion for a rainforest – visibility down to approximately 20m due to a thick mist engulfing everything (image below). We had a big day ahead of us, so a very early start was necessary; 05:30 rise for a 06:30 breakfast and in the truck and rolling by 07:00 heading for Ankasa Game Reserve less than 100km from the border with Cote d’Ivoire. Having never been to a rainforest before, I was not entirely sure what to expect other than lots of lush green vegetation and high humidity, and the vague hope of catching a glimpse of a…

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