XPERT summer school 2015 – day 3

August 20, 2015


Institute for Biodiversity & Ecosystem Dynamics (19/08/2015)

Today was proxy meta analysis day! Emiel van Loon took the participants through a number of exercises related to the statistical analysis of palaeoecological data. Much of the day was spent learning about, and experiencing, the challenges of correctly coding data for analysis. It seems to me that the key challenge with the statistical analysis of the data is not the statistical analysis, but working out the method for implementing the statistical analysis.

EdB Erik organising field work (not a BBQ)

After a day of coding in R everyone was ready for a beer, so thankfully tonight was BBQ night! I was dispatched in the afternoon, with Prof. dr. Hooghiemstra, to gather non-meat provisions for the evening, meanwhile Dr. Erik de Boer had organised a grill and meat from a local butcher. By the time I reached the BBQ beer, meat and cucumber…

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