APD workshop: Database tour and discussion of best practices

March 4, 2023

Please join us Wed, March 8 at 9am EST for our second APD workshop, which will be a tour of the African Pollen Database as well as a panel discussion about best practices for using and sharing paleoecology data.

Anne-Marie Lézine will be giving us a tour of the African Pollen Database website, which includes lots of awesome tools including an interactive pollen determination tool, lots of ways of search for modern and fossil pollen data, and an updated pollen taxonomy for all of Africa.

We also will be joined by a panel of six experts working in African paleoecology (Graciela Gil-Romera, Rahab Kinyanjui, Manuel Chevalier, Lynne Quick, Rob Marchant, Emuobo Orijemie) who will lead a discussion about the benefits of data sharing in paleoecology and best practices for interacting with pollen databases.

When: Wednesday, March 8 at 9am EST

Where: email Sarah Ivory (sji15@psu.edu) for a zoom link

Who: everyone involved in African paleoecology, but especially early-career folks!

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