Evaluation of tropical forests sensitivity to past climate changes


XPERT are delight to announce that we will be incorporating an Open Science meeting, communicating the results of an international research project, as part of our Summer School. The meeting is open to all so if you are not a member of XPERT but would like to attend please contact William Gosling and further details can be provided.

20-21 AUGUST 2015
Institute for Biodiversity & Ecosystem Dynamics
University of Amsterdam
Science Park 904

TITLE: Evaluation of tropical forests sensitivity to past climate changes (FORSENS)
PI: Encarni Montoya
LOCATION: Department of Environment, Earth & Ecosystems, The Open University, UK.
FUNDING: Natural Environments Research Council, UK (NE/J018562/1)
DURATION: October 2012 until October 2015

The FORSENS project is a research project focused on understanding past environmental change in different locations within Ecuador (Andean and High Amazon). At the Open Science meeting, hosted by the University…

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