XPERT summer school 2015 – day 1

August 19, 2015


Institute for Biodiversity & Ecosystem Dynamics (17/08/2015)

Most of the XPERT 2015 summer school participants who were coming from abroad arrived in Amsterdam on Saturday and all seem to have found the hotel, and each other, with little problem. Convening in the hotel as a group they arrived together at Science Park 904 just before 09:00 to be met by local students Tom Peters and Valerie van den Bos who guided them to the study room.

The first part of the first day was focused on getting to know each other. Introductions from all students and staff emphasised the diverse range of interests and expertise required to conduct palaeo-environmental research. In particular the introduction talks revealed the importance and range of time scales in palaeo-environemental change; e.g. from evolutionary change over geological time (Jordan Bishop), through high resolution past climate change during the Holocene (Nick Primmer/Elizabet Safont)…

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