First blog post

January 1, 2012

January 2012.

Last year at the British Ecological Society symposium in Cambridge (Forests and Global Change) I very much enjoyed an evening talk by Ed Yong regarding science blogging and the purpose of blogging. I had always been slightly skeptical of blogs and failed to see the point of adding to the ever increasing mass of electronic ‘junk’. However, Ed got me interested… he writes the award winning blog Not Exactly Rocket Science and a great blogging advocate. The key point which grabbed my attention was that with a blog you can be now not only be “famous for 15 mins” but also “famous for 15 people”. Ed pointed out that this is particularly good news for academics who work in relatively small specialized fields so long as you are ‘famous’ for the right 15 people the blog is worthwhile. Anyway, I thought about this for some time trying to work out who might be the right 15 for me; I have outlined the my conclusions on the “Aims” page of this blog. Then I thought that the start of 2012 and the busy academic schedule for January was as good a time to start as any.

So here goes… If things go according to plan hopefully posts on Quaternary Research Association annual discussion meeting “Quaternary Science and Society” (4-6th Jan), the PAGES “Biodiversity” meeting (9-11th Jan) and Hutton Club Lecture in Edinburgh (13th Jan).

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