PCRG publications 2007

February 15, 2013

Bush, M.B., Gosling, W.D. & Colinvaux, P.A. (2007) Climate change in the lowlands of the Amazon Basin. Tropical rainforest responses to climatic change (ed. by M.B. Bush and J.R. Flenley), pp. 55-79. Springer/Praxis, Chichester. [NOW 2ND EDITION]

Bush, M.B., Silman, M.R., De Toledo, M.B., Listopad, C., Gosling, W.D., Williams, C., De Olivera, P.E. & Krisel, C. (2007) Holocene fire and occupation in Amazonia: Records from two lake districts. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London (B), 362, 209-218


  1. I personally would like to book mark this specific blog, “PCRG publications 2007 Palaeolimnology
    et al.” on my site. Will you mind if I actuallydo?
    Many thanks -Richard

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