PCRG March

April 12, 2013

Rachel Gill and Encarni Montoya with sediment cores from Jamaica.

Rachel Gill and Encarni Montoya with sediment cores from Jamaica.

Quick and belated update on activity in March! Not sure where the time is going at the moment…

Early in the month we were delighted to welcome Prof. Jonathan Holmes and Rachel Gill from UCL who came to use our core splitter to open new sediment cores from Wally Wash Pond in Jamaica! A visit from Steve Brooks (Natural History Museum) early in the month to discuss midgy progress with Frazer was great. We are getting ever closer to developing a training data set… Also popping by was ex-PhD student and now Aberystwyth lecturer Joe Williams who we will hopefully be developing some new collaborations with over the summer and fingers crossed mounting an expedition back to Bolivia!


  • Provided comment on the student project proposal for the Level 3 Science Project Course: Geosciences (SXG390). Some really excellent and interesting projects focusing on a whole range of past environmental change issues from the spatial extent of the Younger Dryas cold period, through issues regarding environmenal changes triggered by alteration in ocean circulation, to the significance of carbon isotope excursions during the Palaeocene-Eocene thermal maximum.
  • Monitoring the web forum whilst the Level 2 Practical Science: Earth and Environmental Science (SXG288) Discovering Cyprus: Rocks, mud and water investigation was underway. Interesting feedback from students regarding use of virtual microscope and great engagement and effort from all.

Post Graduate Tutor:

  • Recruitment of 5 new PhD students to the department to start on a range of projects in October 2013 has been completed. Two more posts are being advertised accross the department.
  • Date has been set for the CEPSAR student mini-conference. All the Environment, Earth and Ecosystem 2nd and 3rd year PhD students will be presenting on Thursday 16 May. Should be exciting!


  • Advertising a PhD and PDRA post for our new NERC grant. Amazing amount of organisation in trying to recruite people!
  • Excited to have two paper accepted at the Royal Geographical Society with IBG Annual Conference in the Human-environment interactions in the Neotropics: Historical impact to current challeges session. 
    • Human impact in the high Andes: Diverging vegetation histories during the Holocene
      Bryan Valencia (The Open University; Florida Institute of Technology), William Gosling (The Open University ), Mark B. Bush (Florida Institute of Technology)
    • Ecosystem services through time: setting the pace for pre-Hispanic societal development in the central Andes
      Joseph Williams (University of Aberystwyth), William Gosling (The Open University)

Other stuff going on, but I think that’s the headlines…

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