Dutch Palynologists Then and Now

May 9, 2022

I am pleased to announce the next seminar series from the Palynologische Kring “Dutch Palynologists Then and Now: A brief history or Frans Florschütz, and new research from scientists who have been working abroad”

The meeting will take place on the afternoon of the 19th May at the Institute for Biodiversity & Ecosystem Dynamics (University of Amsterdam); if you are not a member of the society and want to follow the talk online or attend in person please contact me for details. Full program below.


14:00-14.10: Welcome and introduction (William Gosling)

14:10:14.40: Henry Hooghiemstra (emeritus professor University of Amsterdam): Frans Florschütz, de grondlegger van de pollenanalyse in Nederland

14.40-15.05: Erik de Boer (Universidad de Granada, Spanje): Climate change and human land-use linkages during the Late Holocene in the southern Iberian Peninsula (ONLINE)

15.05-15.30: break

15.30-15.55: Thya van den Berg (University of Hull, UK): Pollen modelling Vermuyden’s drainage- A case study for the Multiple Scenario Approach in QGIS

15.55-16.20: Henk Cornelissen (University of Manchester, UK): Human faecal signals and pollen data from a Holocene sediment record of the Yagour Plateau, High Atlas, Morocco


Science Park 904.

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