PCRG August

August 29, 2012

I am writing this August post from the Hotel Rincon Escandinavo (Quito, Ecuador) most of this month has been pretty hectic as we have been preparing for this field work trip and trying to get as many things out the way before hand.

We seem to have been quite involved in conference activity: Lottie presented “500,000 years of vegetation change from West tropical Africa” at the International Paleolimnology Association Symposium in Glasgow, Hayley had an abstract on “Pollen counting for diverse tropical ecosystems”  accepted for the Linnean Society Palynology Group meeting (1 November) and group members also submitted abstracts for consideration to be presented at the American Geophysical Union Congress and British Ecological Society meeting (both in December); fingers crossed these will be accepted as well.

Regarding the field work. Preparation seems to have gone well and we have arrived in Quito with all out bags, despite a short (1 hour) connection in Madrid. Tomorrow we will meet up with Dr Patricia Mothes (Instituto Geofisico) and set out our detailed plans. As I have now been up for more than 24 hours I should probably get some sleep… Plan is to blog more about the trip as it happens.


  1. Hi Will,

    In addition the following articles have been published in the last month or so:

    1) M. de Porras, A. Maldonado,AAbarzúa, M.L. Cárdenas, J.P. Francois, A. Martel-Cea, C.R. Stern, C. Méndez, O. Reyes (2012) Quaternary Science Reviews 50, 71-85.
    Postglacial vegetation, fire and climate dynamics at Central Chilean Patagonia (Lake Shaman, 44°S)

    2) P.I. Moreno, R. Villa-Martínez, M.L. Cárdenas, E.A. Sagredo (2012) Quaternary Science Reviews 41, 1-21.
    “Deglacial changes of the southern margin of the southern westerly winds revealed by terrestrial records from SW Patagonia (52°S)”

    3) Fraser, W.T., Scott, A.C., Forbes, A.E.S., Glasspool, I.J., Plotnick, R.E., Kenig, F. & Lomax, B.H. (2012) New Phytologist DOI: 10.1111/j.1469-8137.2012.04301.x
    “Evolutionary stasis of sporopollenin biochemistry revealed by unaltered Pennsylvanian spores”


  2. 4) Lomax, BH, Fraser, WT, Harrington, G, Blackmore, S, Sephton, MA & Harris, NBW (2012) Earth & Planetary Science Letters 353-354, 22-28.
    “A novel palaeoaltimetry proxy based on spore and pollen wall chemistry”

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