Field work near Mera (Ecuador)

September 3, 2012

Mera (Ecuador) 

We have now spent two days in sampling sedimentary sections near the Rio Tigre close to Mera in Ecuador. The sections are peat deposits interspersed with volcanic ash and contain many wood macrofossils. It seems likely that the depositional environment was a shallow water swamp or bog. Although we will have to wait for the analysis of the fossil record to know the composition of the vegetation at the site.

Sediment Hunting near Mera

Sediment Hunting near Mera

Mera Rio Tigre section
Mera Rio Tigre section

Sunset at Giobambua hotel
Sunset at Giobambua hotel


  1. Loving Rio Tigre section, rich organic layers and thick tephra layer.
    It looks like you all did some work out there.

    • Hi Maca,
      Yes amazing section, should keep Hayley busy for a while! We also have a small sections nearby at Fatima which has a Last Glacial Maximum 14C date which should be super exciting. We passed your Erazo section whilst staying at Baeza it is now very overgrown so you would never guess a Science paper ( was hiding in there!

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