PoA 35: Data papers

December 2, 2021

The recently published volume of the Palaeoecology of Africa series contains a number of different types of papers: research articles, reviews, perspectives and data papers. One of the key reasons I was motivated to become involved in the project was to help mobilise palaeoecological data from Africa towards open access datasets (African Pollen Database, Neotoma). To hopefully get greater recognition to the great work done over the years and to help facilitate synthetic work that will provide a greater understanding of spatial variance in past climate change. Ultimately, four short data papers were included in the volume: an enhanced c. 16,000 year pollen record from the Bale Mountains in Ethiopia (Gil-Romera et al. 2021), two pollen and charcoal record from the southern Cape Coast in South Africa, c. 3200 and 650 years long respectively (du Plessis et al. 2021a; du Plessis et al. 2021b), and a c. 700 year long record from Madagascar (Razanatsoa et al. 2021). The records provide new insights in to landscape scale environmental change driven by both humans and climate. To find out more check out the open access articles and the data at:

  • du Plessis N, Chase BM, Quick LJ, Meadows ME. 2021a. A Late Holocene pollen and microcharcoal record from Eilandvlei, southern Cape coast, South Africa. Palaeoecology of Africa 35: 293-300. DOI: 10.1201/9781003162766-18
  • du Plessis N, Chase BM, Quick LJ, Strobel P, Haberzettl T, Meadows ME. 2021b. A c. 650 year pollen and microcharcoal record from Vankervelsvlei, South Africa. Palaeoecology of Africa 35: 301-308. DOI: 10.1201/9781003162766-19
  • Gil-Romera G, Fekadu M, Opgenoorth L, Grady D, Lamb HF, Bittner L, Zech M, Miehe G. 2021. The new Garba Guracha palynological sequence: Revision and data expansion. Palaeoecology of Africa 35: 127-133 DOI: 10.1201/9781003162766-9
  • Razanatsoa E, Gillson L, Virah-Sawmy M, Woodborne S. 2021. Pollen records of the 14th and 20th centuries AD from Lake Tsizavatsy in southwest Madagascar. Palaeoecology of Africa 35: 309-315. DOI: 10.1201/9781003162766-20

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