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AFQUA 2018 – day 2

AFQUA: The African Quaternary environments, ecology and humans 2ndInternational Conference and Workshops 14-22 July 2018-07-15 National Museum, Nairobi, Kenya Day 2 The second day of the AFQUA conference commenced with the second session on “East Africa” and Prof. Tom Johnson asking the question “Should…

Tropical forests in the Anthropocene

Seminar Institute for Biodiversity & Ecosystem Dynamics University of Amsterdam Tropical forests in the Anthropocene by Prof. Yadvinder Malhi (University of Oxford) 16:00-17:00, 24 November 2016 Science Park, Amsterdam If you want to attend please click here for full details. ABSTRACT:

CO2 and fire influence tropical ecosystem stability in response to climate change

Shanahan, T.M., Hughen, K.A., McKay, N.P., Overpeck, J.T., Scholz, C.A., Gosling, W.D., Miller, C.S., Peck, J.A., King, J.W. & Heil, C.W. (2016) CO2 and fire influence tropical ecosystem stability in response to climate change. Scientific Reports 6, 29587. DOI: 10.1038/srep29587

Climate change song!

Whatya gonna do with your CO2? by ECLECTIC SPARKS

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One short story and five scientific papers thinking about different aspects of ecological change through time. Short story: Checkhov, A. (1889) The Pipe SUMMARY (Will): People have long been concerned about environmental change. Observations of phenological shifts, degradation of ecosystem services and climate change are clearly…