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September 4, 2013

Will's BES T-shirt logo swabbed at Greenman

Will’s BES T-shirt logo swabbed at Greenman; for more microbes on festival kit visit the “Hall of shame” on http://www.besfest.org

August was a month for travel with PCRG members heading for Peru (Bryan, and he is still there), Greenman festival (William), INTECOL conference (William and Frazer), and the Royal Geographic Society annual meeting (William, Encarni, Frazer and Hayley). Detailed reports of the UK based travels are already on the blog, and hopefully we will get a post from Bryan on his Peruvian adventure once he is back.

Back in Milton Keynes work progressed with:

  • Hayley producing a revised full draft of her pollen counting methodology manuscript,
  • Frazer starting with the first tentative attempts to apply his chironomid training data set to fossil chironomid records,
  • Phil trialing inverted microscopes and training on the FTIR,
  • Encarni plotting field work in Ecuador (more travel for November-December),
  • William seeming to spend alot of time working on research strategy for the faculty, and thinking about writing teaching material for the ongoing revison of our level 2 environmental science module, and
  • most excitingly of all, Lottie submitting her PhD thesis! WELL DONE LOTTIE.

Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) annual international conference – 2013

August 30, 2013

Palaeo-people at the RGS-IBG meeting plotting future papers and grants.

Palaeo-people at the RGS-IBG meeting plotting future papers and grants. Left-right: Encarni Montoya, Joe Williams, Hayley Keen and Frazer Bird.

RGS – IBG Annul International Conference 2013
27th – 30th August, London

Yesterday (29th August) four members of the Palaeoenvironmental Change Research Group (PCRG) went down to London for the third day of the Royal Geographical Society with IBG (RGS – IBG) international conference for a day of informative talks. Two of the morning sessions were of particular interest to us with the sessions entitled ‘Human – environment interactions in the Neotropics: historical impact to current challenges’ organised by John Carson, Lizzy Rushton and Sarah Metcalfe.

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