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Two studentships avaliable

Two NERC algorithm funded PhD studentships are currently available with the PCRG. The projects are focused on understanding past environmental change in west tropical Africa and Amazonian-AndeanĀ Ecuador. Both projects will involve field work and build on on-going research within the lab. Closing date 31/01/2013…

Environmental change in the humid tropics and monsoonal regions

JUST PUBLISHED Bush, M.B. & Gosling, W.D. (2012) Environmental change in the humid tropics and monsoonal regions. TheĀ SAGE handbook of environmental change: Volume 2. Human Impacts and Response (ed. by J.A. Matthews, P.J. Bartlein, K.R. Briffa, A.G. Dawson, A. De Vernal, T. Denham, S.C….

Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services

PAGES (Past Global Changes) Focus 4: (Past) Human-Climate-Ecosystem Interaction (PHAROS) Biodiversity Theme Workshop at the Department of Zoology, University of Oxford (9-11 Jan) Using fossil records to map potential threats, opportunities and likely future developments for biodiversity and ecosystem services Organised by: Dr. Elizabeth…