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Scientific Methods in Archaeology

Over the last two weeks I have been giving my lectures at the VU Amsterdam “Scientific Methods in Archaeology” bachelor program. In my lectures we think about how to detect past environmental change with particular reference to tracking past human activities. As part of…

Amazonian coring isn’t boring

By Seringe Huisman (MSc Biological Sciences, Institute for Biodiversity & Ecosystem Dynamics, University of Amsterdam) Hello all! You might have been wondering if I died in the middle of Amazonian nowhere, since I haven’t come back to writing a blog after we left for fieldwork in July….

Aquatic community response to volcanic eruptions on the Ecuadorian Andean flank

Online, open access: Matthews-Bird, F., Brooks, S.J., Gosling, W.D., Gulliver, P., Mothes, P. & Montoya, E. (2017) Aquatic community response to volcanic eruptions on the Ecuadorian Andean flank: Evidence from the palaeoecological record. Journal of Paleolimnology 58: 437-453. DOI: 10.1007/s10933-017-0001-0

An undergraduate eye-view of an Andean lake-coring expedition

Part 2: Progresso by Molly Kingston (a BSc Biological Sciences student at Florida Institute of Technology, taking part in an expedition lead by Prof. Mark Bush) With a fresh set of clothes and a shower after almost a week without one, it was time…

Recent reading

In the news: First Farmers Were Also Sailors, by Michael Balter in Science. John Bostock: The man who ‘discovered’ hay fever, by Justin Parkinson in BBC News Magazine. DNA study shows yeti is real (sort of) – and Oxford scientist prepares expedition to find it, by Adam…

Insects, sediment and climate change

Insects, sediment and climate change Frazer Bird and William Gosling talk about how to conduct palaeoecological research in the tropics for NERC’s Planet Earth pod-cast. Click here to here to listen to the conversation. For other similar stories online visit the Planet Earth website.

Montoya PhD thesis 2011

Montoya, E. (2011) Paleocology of the southern Gran Sabana (SE Venezuela) since the Late Glacial to the present. PhD Thesis, Department of Animal Biology, Plant Biology and Ecology, Unitersitat Autonoma de Barcelona. Abstract: This thesis is aimed to study the paleoecology of the southern…